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    Our Customers often ask us for guidance in obtaining a firearms Licence and we are happy to assist with the application process. Below is a step by step guide to what's involved in applying for a firearms Licence in South Australia.


    Step 1.Complete a Firearms application form PD303. You will need 100% points of ID. We Have applications in store and can help you complete them correctly.


    Step 2. Submit application to your local police station. (Whyalla Police Station is next door)


    Step 3. Wait to receive your letter of approval. (This can take some time)


    Step 4. Organise and attend the required courses of training listed in your approval letter.


    Step 5. If training has been successful you will receive a letter to pay for your licence.


    Step 6. Have your photo taken. Upon payment of your licence fee, you will be issued with an interim Licence, which will be valid for up to 90 days or until the photographic licence has been issued.


    You can use your interim licence to purchase firearms or Ammunition within South Australia.